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The documented three semicircular canals of the inner ear on each side of the skull.

The project the first large study to examine the relationship between the dimensions of the semicircular canals is to be documented on locomotion. These structures are connected to a fluid within the channels, when the animal moves filled moves. The fluid motion is caused by special cells that send signals to the brain, triggering the neck and eye muscles reflexively keep the visual image recorded stable.. Reconstruction of the biology of extinct speciesAn international research team has moved the link between the nature of an animal and which dimensions of an important part of its organ of balance, the documented three semicircular canals of the inner ear on each side of the skull.

Now we have to reconstruct extinct species extinct species moved that is completely independent of analysis of the limb structure. For the first time we are able previous previous conclusions on a new source of information. .. The basic hypothesis of the project was that the organ of equilibrium – the stabilization of an animal look and help coordinate their movements, as she travels through the environment – should irrevocably to the type of locomotion produced by its limbs are linked. When an animal develops a new way of moving about the world, its organ of balance must evolve accordingly, explains Walker.Dr Ponte wanted to better understand why to U.S. And Britain concluded with various policy fields: What role was portrayed by the Sciences, and how important it factors other? It sought to all relevant official documents governmental on the USA and Great Britain, as well academic papers. She also interviewed people who are knew about vCJD management in these two countries, for example, members out of public authorities and consultative committee.

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