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Apogenix signs licensing agreement with CANbridge to commercialize APG101 in China.

‘The mortality rate of malignant glioma is among the top ten among all cancers in China. With very limited treatment options, the outcomes for Chinese patients are more grim than in the West even. The potential to build up a targeted immuno-oncology product represents a tremendous advance for glioblastoma treatment in China.’ ‘The CANbridge and Apogenix missions and cultures are properly aligned, which bodes well for the success of the partnership,’ stated Henri Termeer, CANbridge's Advisor and previous CEO and Chairman of Genzyme Corporation. ‘Each company is dedicated to bringing forth treatments within their respective markets for sufferers with few options.Barker. Sleep apnea affects an incredible number of Americans, produces loud snoring and may interfere with the sleep of additional family. It leaves victims drowsy throughout the day and areas them at greater risk of getting into an automobile accident and of developing significant illnesses such as hypertension and heart disease. Previous study from Behan’s lab has found evidence that estrogen is important in respiratory control and may provide protection against hypoxia.