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Amgen announces European approval of Prolia Amgen Inc.

Amgen announces European approval of Prolia Amgen Inc . Prolia has been approved in every 27 European Union member Norway plus claims, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The European acceptance of Prolia marks the initial approval of the product worldwide. The European acceptance of Prolia is normally a substantial medical advance for individuals with bone loss conditions, stated Will Dere, senior vice president and worldwide chief medical officer at Amgen. Specifically, we think that Prolia will offer patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis at improved risk for fracture an important alternative to current remedies. Prolia reduces the chance of fracture through a easy injection given every half a year.

Amgen, Pfizer, and World-Course Professional Golfer Phil Mickelson Announce Partnership Amgen Inc. , Pfizer Inc. and world-course professional golfer Phil Mickelson, have entered into a partnership to talk about Phil’s experience with his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis and treatment with Enbrel , and to encourage patients with comparable symptoms to go to their doctor for proper assessment and care. ‘This partnership with Amgen and Pfizer is important because being a psoriatic arthritis affected individual has motivated me to talk about my tale,’ said Phil Mickelson. ‘I hope to encourage other sufferers to work with their doctors, find out about their condition and do something so that they have an opportunity to make contact with some of the factors that matter most to them.’ Psoriatic arthritis is usually a form of arthritis due to an overactive disease fighting capability that can influence not only the body’s joints but also your skin.