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Cerus receives $1.4 million to aid development of INTERCEPT red blood cell system Cerus Corporation announced today that it all has received yet another $1.4 million from the U .S. Department of Defense to aid advanced advancement of the business’s pathogen inactivation technology for crimson blood cells. The INTERCEPT crimson blood cell system is certainly a pathogen inactivation product Cerus can be developing to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases through red bloodstream cell transfusions.S.

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These seven multi-component remedy mixes contain more than 50 of the very most routinely monitored over-the-counter and prescription medications. Cerilliant offers the seven mixes separately or as a kit for added convenience.1,2 The presence of interfering substances, which includes medicines and their metabolites often, impacts measurement accuracy of the analyte of interest.1,2 Interfering compounds originate from many sources including sample matrix, contaminants inadvertently introduced during handling or sample preparation, and samples from individuals on multiple drug regimens.1,2 The importance of identifying interfering chemicals is critical for numerous assessment applications which range from therapeutic drug monitoring , confirmatory medication assessment, and forensic analysis to bioavailability /bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic research..