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Argyll Park, Dixon, California


Professor Takumi Takeuchi.

Where the man in a couple has problems making any significant degree of sperm, doctors tend to be confronted with the challenge of retrieving a single viable sperm to inject into each egg. Such a sperm is therefore precious to couples desperate to conceive, said Professor Takeuchi. If we could actually propagate it, while keeping its normal chromosomal make-up, its capability to fertilise and to take part in full-term embryo development, we would have the ability to improve the number of chances of conception of several couples, and improve the changes of an on-going being pregnant hence. Professor Takeuchi and his team injected a single healthy mouse sperm right into a mouse egg from which the nucleus have been removed, and by doing so cloned the male genome.The survey says: ‘There remains serious concern about the continuing future of academic paediatrics in the UK. It really is unavoidable that with the reduction in quantity of lecturers and senior lecturers, and the marked upsurge in learners, teaching quality will deteriorate.’ Undergraduate teaching was likely to become stretched because of the fall in lecturer figures increasingly, it adds, and put pressure on existing lecturers.