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CMA to improve reporting.

CMA to improve reporting, accountability in entire health care system As the 143rd Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association wrapped up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, yesterday doctor delegates from across the country submit important new ideas and directions to transform our health care system and present it a patient-centred approach. ‘Delegates sent clear direction that we must, and will, interact across our profession and most importantly with our individuals to confront the problems facing the health care system,’ said outgoing Canadian Medical Association President, Dr. Anne Doig. The meeting also included direction that reporting and accountability at all levels in medical care system should be improved. Specifically, delegates stated that accountability must be an important aspect in the negotiations to renew the soon-to-expire federal government/provincial/territorial contract on funding for healthcare.It appears that without the landing pad, the cancerous cell could not colonize the organ. In animal and laboratory research, the scientists have viewed how breasts, lung and oesophageal cancer spread. The state the envoys from the tumor determine the site of the secondary site. Lyden says by measuring the number of particular bone marrow cells circulating in the body it might help to determine whether a cancer is likely to spread. He believes the selecting opens up the door to new principles of how metastasis is usually occurring and an understanding of all multiple processes can help the advancement of new drugs that block each stage.