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‘We are currently establishing surgical ablation applications for AF in Ireland and holland and will expand over time into other European countries. Finding a CE Tag indication for the treatment of AF is a significant regulatory step forwards and will assist us in developing romantic relationships with surgeons and medical centers across European countries,’ said Robert Cheney, CEO of Cardima. ‘Our Cardima Surgical Ablation Program has patented technology which allows for creating deep, longer, linear and transmural cardiac lesions that mimic the current gold standard, the Cox Surgical Maze, in the treating AF.If you’re remove the uterus, then the chance of recurrence will drop at about 9 percent or 8 percent. And in the event that you cut all of the uterus and adnexa off, the recurrence rate could be only 0.1 percent. Changing the meals you eat and following a diet for endometriosis has became among the best methods to decrease the symptoms of endometriosis by using a natural and healthy treatment option. Changing your diet to control endometriosis is a great foundation to assist you in reducing your endometriosis symptoms, and can help regenerate your wellbeing. Adjusting what you eat can bring about many positive physical and metabolic changes. Many of you might be aware that various ailments and illnesses have responded extremely positively to changes in diet, and endometriosis is normally no exception.