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Such restrictions are based on several provisions outlined in the Codex Alimentarius world food code, which basically treats supplements and herbs as though they are pharmaceutical drugs. ( This is a small-level pilot which happens to be limited to a number of pharmacies in France, said spokesman Kent Landers about the new beverages. Landers refused to comment; however, on whether or not the beauty drink would ever be sold elsewhere.. Coca-Cola partners with medication maker Sanofi to create sketchy ‘beauty-enhancing’ beverage The very clear distinction between what defines a meals versus a drug is apparently blurring, as beverage huge Coca-Cola has announced that it is teaming up with French medication maker Sanofi to release a new beauty-enhancing drink line known as Beautific Oenobiol.Hands function also improved significantly for those taking chondroitin sulfate, decreasing more than 2 factors on the FIHOA. Experts also reported significantly improved hand decrease and function in morning hours stiffness for individuals taking chondroitin sulfate versus placebo. ‘Our findings display chondroitin sulfate is normally a effective and safe treatment for individuals with hand OA,’ concluded Dr. Gabay. ‘Substitute therapies, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , provide similar discomfort reducing effects, but with an increase of long-term toxicities considerably.