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A global company focusing on individual adherence solutions.

Atlantis Health care publishes innovative psychology-based model to boost adherence Health psychology specialists from Atlantis Health care, a global company focusing on individual adherence solutions, have published an assessment supporting a forward thinking psychology-based model for understanding treatment non-adherence and developing behavior modification interventions to boost adherence. Dr pleasure of intimacy . Christina Jackson, Ph.D, lead writer and Senior Wellness Psychology Specialist in Atlantis Healthcare noted: ‘Seeing that specialists in individual adherence programs, we wished to present the rigor behind a strategy that’s grounded in wellness psychology.

Andrew Pesce offers backed the survey, but says gastric banding surgery treatment should only be utilized in extreme cases. According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Figures figures nearly three quarters of guys and half of most women are overweight.. Australian food industry told to ‘shape up’ more than fat, salt and sugar The meals industry in Australia has been told in no uncertain terms to shape up with regards to the fat, salt and sugar content in foods. A federal government parliamentary committee inquiry into weight problems is demanding tighter settings over foods and provides issued a caution that unless concrete adjustments are created within a reasonable timeframe, to ensure product elements are healthier, labelled more obviously and marketed even more responsibly, mandatory regulation will end up being introduced.