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While BHF has declined to give the entire details.

Brits invited to tune in to a coronary attack Brits are being invited to ‘tune in’ to a brief film which shows how it feels to experience a heart attack. Both minute film by the charity the British Center Foundation will be demonstrated as a tv advert and aims to deliver explicit details on the symptoms of a heart attack. While BHF has declined to give the entire details, billboards urging audiences to ‘watch their very own heart attack’ have been erected and the ad will appear on ITV1 on August 10th at 9.17pm.Nitric oxide is definitely a physiological mediator that is shown to play an important function in enhancing wound curing. We are excited about the potential for the commercial advancement of this nitric oxide therapy initiative for wound curing and cells regeneration. Reinhard, Cardium’s Chairman and CEO. The technical advancements designed to provide regulatable and sustained launch of NO were developed through study by Drs. Ping Lee and Yan Li at the University of Toronto and are presently covered by an exclusive option for wound care applications to Cardium. Lee is a GlaxoSmithKline and professor Chair at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Toronto.

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