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Catasys starts enrolling associates in OnTrak Program Catasys.

Health Alliance can be one of the best four Medicare HMOs in Illinois with a ranking of 4.5 out of 5 in NCQA's Medicare Health Insurance Plan Ratings, 2015-2016. Beck, MD, FAPA, Wellness Alliance Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. Catasys offers a unique system, which we believe is a good complement to our providers and adds significant worth for our associates who suffer from medical and behavioral circumstances. We are excited to have the ability to begin supplying OnTrak for Health Alliance's eligible insured commercial fully, Medicare Benefit and Medicaid members. We will work with Health Alliance to supply programs to improve the health of their members.Researchers mentioned that joints in pets treated with the medication displayed limited harm and inflammation, and a clear bone healing impact was observed. Our study showed that bortezomib is certainly a good treatment in targeting crucial cell populations mixed up in development of swelling and autoimmunity in RA, concluded Dr. Yannaki. We think that bortezomib should be additional explored in a medical setting, since it represents an appealing intervention for inflammatory circumstances and an extremely promising agent in the treating RA.