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Argyll Park, Dixon, California


The transplant at a Louisville medical center was only the 3rd in the country.

Jewish Hospital Medical Campus President Marty Bonick said the patient’s spouse was thrilled when the family got a contact that hands from a donor had been found. They were hoping and praying for it to happen, Bonick said. The tactile hands came from the same donor, but no other details was released. Doctors said the individual is expected to spend about three weeks in Louisville recovering and going through extensive rehabilitation.. Burn Victim Gets 2 New Hands in 18-Hour Surgery Doctors performed a rare double hand transplant on a burn off victim who’s recovering Wednesday following the nearly 18-hour surgery.Since that time, the Monsanto Collaborators site has started naming a variety of journalists it describes as ‘Monsanto collaborators,’ including people I’ve never actually heard about. And then, hours later just, biotech shills began working carefully-prepared pr announcements which falsely mentioned that anti-GMO activists had been right now in some way calling for the eliminating of GMO researchers. It’s blatantly apparent this is all planned beforehand: False Flag?All of this is simply too carefully orchestrated. Whoever issued the pr announcements characterizing GMO skeptics as murderers obviously has been operating this public engineering operation right away.