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What has been done to react to new issues like the cholera outbreak.

American Red Cross releases Haiti recovery and relief report The Generosity of Americans Made a Real Difference in Lives of Haitians Following 2010 Earthquake The American Red Cross released a one-year report on what the Red Cross has helped thousands of Haitian survivors following the January 2010 earthquake, what has been done to react to new issues like the cholera outbreak, and plans for the years forward to support Haiti’s recovery . ‘Because of the generous contributions of so many donors, people in Haiti are receiving immediate relief and resources, as well as the necessary support and schooling to help them recover and rebuild,’ stated Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross.

Keep in mind the H1N1 scare in ’09 2009, and how everyone was terrified that Swine Flu would claim thousands of lives? Plenty of doctors made an appearance on Information channels to statement the chance of a massive outbreak and the consequent need for wide-scale vaccinations. An incredible number of doses were produced, and huge amount of money received to the pharmaceutical businesses making the vaccine. When it proved that the supposed outbreak would never happen, we were still left with a collection of potentially harmful vaccinations. We then had to get rid of the surplus, roughly 40 million unused H1N1 doses, amounting to a lot more than $260 million, wasted.