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Reduces body fat mass in diet-induced obese rats and may help fight human obesity.

Another important observation according to the extensive analysis was that dietary arginine decreased serum concentrations of branched-chain proteins. This metabolic transformation is likely helpful because elevated concentrations of branched-chain amino acids may lead to insulin resistance in weight problems. Additionally, arginine can stimulate muscle mass protein synthesis, a biochemical procedure that will require large amounts of energy, Wu said. Thus, dietary energy would be used for lean tissue than fats gain rather. .. Amino acid arginine may help fight human obesity A Texas AgriLife Study scientist and fellow experts can see that arginine, an amino acid, reduces body fat mass in diet-induced obese rats and may help fight human obesity.It has been rewarding for the Coulter plan to play a part in the translational phase of the project.’ John R. Lewandowski, a recently available Case Western Reserve engineering and management graduate, can be DDG's co-founder and chief executive officer. His brother, Mark Lewandowski, a sophomore pc accounting and science pupil at the university, is certainly DDG's chief financial officer. The university's Technology Transfer Office, which supports pupil and faculty intellectual house and commercialization, offers guided DDG to an creativity network, including such agencies because JumpStart and BioEnterprise.

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