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And the spread of the deadly virus shows small sign of slowing.

She expectations to go to Liberia to become back on leading lines the moment next month.. Boston doctor training others to fight Ebola on front lines The death toll from Ebola in West Africa tops 4 now,500, and the spread of the deadly virus shows small sign of slowing. But among those fighting the condition is normally a Boston doctor who looked after Ebola patients in your community, and is training additional doctors now, reports CBS Information correspondent Elaine Quijano. Wellness Suiting up for basic safety in Ebola protective equipment The CDC recommends a particular level of safety when treating Ebola individuals, but with the stakes therefore high, some hospitals believe they need to perform.5.9 % A 38 % reduction in the chances of stent thrombosis at 48 hours: 0.8 % vs. 1.4 % Both treatment arms demonstrated a quite low, statistically similar incidence in heavy bleeding at 48 hours: 0.16 % vs. 0.11 %. Coronary artery stents are found in the majority of individuals who go through percutaneous coronary intervention , a common medical procedure used to treat arteries in the heart that have become narrowed or blocked due to coronary artery disease, which impacts an estimated 14 million Americans.