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Animals burn protein during long.

Animals burn protein during long, cold hibernation When Arctic surface squirrels are getting ready to hibernate they don’t really just get fat – they pack on muscle tissue at a rate that would help to make a bodybuilder jealous good survival rate . Plus they perform it without suffering the dangerous effects that high degrees of testosterone and additional anabolic steroids usually cause. University of Toronto Scarborough researchers have started to untangle how the squirrels manage it, and their results could someday possess implications for human health.

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‘Dogs, for instance, are quite dependent on their feeling of smell,’ said study author Leslie Kay, associate professor of psychology and director of the Institute for Mind & Biology at the University of Chicago. ‘But there are various chemical substances in the smells they identify, so detecting the one that may be from a predator or an explosive, for example, is a complex procedure.’ Kay was joined on paper the paper by Daniel Rojas-L-bano, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chile in Santiago, who received his PhD from UChicago in 2011. Rojas-L-bano, who do the work as a doctoral scholar, was the first author on the publication.