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For the very first time, researchers from the German Cancers Research Middle and Bayer will continue to work collectively in a joint laboratory located at the National Middle for Tumor Illnesses in Heidelberg to build up novel immunotherapies. The joint laboratory will support up to twelve staff, and first projects are anticipated to start in the center of this year. ‘We are looking towards interlinking our collaboration with the German Malignancy Research Center more carefully to build up new treatment choices in neuro-scientific immunotherapy for patients experiencing cancer’, stated Professor Dr. Andreas Busch, Person in the Executive Committee of Bayer HealthCare and Mind of Global Medication Discovery. ‘Bayer is focused on develop innovative therapies which will help people with serious illnesses such as for example cancer to live much longer and improve their standard of living.’ ‘The German Cancer Study Middle's excellent knowledge in preliminary research in oncology and Bayer's a long time of knowledge in the advancement of new therapeutic options complement one another perfectly.They therefore assessed the health status of 2,542 breast cancer individuals between 50 and 74 years aged who were area of the Mamma carcinoma Risk factor Investigation study in the city and condition of Hamburg and the Rhine-Neckar Karlsruhe area in Germany. Patients had been asked about their health conditions before and after getting diagnosed with breast cancer. Demographic information, lifestyle factors, the kind of treatment they received and their degrees of education were also noted. It had been discovered that known risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as being overweight, also play a role in the health of breast cancer survivors.