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CPAP reduces nightmare frequency.

Treatment compliance was determined from CPAP memory space cards. One out of six veterans suffers from PTSD, which impacts their personal, social and productive life, said Tamanna. Nightmares are one of the major symptoms that impact their daily life, and prevalence of OSA is also high among PTSD sufferers and will trigger their nightmares. The American Academy of Rest Medicine reports that obstructive rest apnea is a common sleep disease influencing up to seven % of men and five % of females.Beat IBS with acupuncture naturally A recent research by the University of York Department of Health Studies in the united kingdom showed positive results in IBS using acupuncture. The study’s report gets the typical pandering that relegates anything ‘choice as supportive to regular medicine.’ But there have been some interesting outcomes from the scholarly research. The trial used 233 long-term IBS sufferers, typical duration 13 years, whose symptom severity ratings were 100 or even more. They were put into two treatment protocols. Fifty % received standard health care, and the spouse standard care and something weekly acupuncture program for 10 weeks. [1] Those that received acupuncture showed better reductions within their SSS ratings, but moreover, these improvements lasted through follow-up tests at three, six, nine, and 12 months following the treatments.