Is now at
Argyll Park, Dixon, California


A pioneering US biotech organization developing pharmaceutical cannabis items.

Please visit to find out more on PVM. Vincent Mehdizadeh, President & CEO of Prescription Vending Machines Inc., stated, If Marijuana is certainly to ever be studied seriously as a medication, the industry needs to have a standard method of dispensing set up, similar to that found in the pharmacy industry. Our patented dispensing technology and software allows individuals and marijuana outlets to work in collaboration with state and regional authorities to be able to promote general integrity and legitimacy in the market.The homestead embraces the next practices: Garden: – Growing 99 % of produce – Keeping seeds – Companion planting – Intensive growing strategies – Polyculture/intercropping – Composting Food – Handmade bread, cheese, yogurt and butter – Canning and drying – Sprouting, fermenting and brewing – Buying organic, in bulk and locally Water and energy conservation – Grey water for landscape – Clay pot irrigation – Solar outdoor shower – Growing meals not grass – – edible landscaping – Bottom level water bed irrigation – 12 solar power panels – Rechargeable batteries – Solar and cob ovens The farm also offers an abundance of resources for additional aspiring homegrown revolutionaries through their website, presentations, workshops, film eco-events and screenings.