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If the center rhythm will not convert to regular by itself, the patient might need electrical cardioversion, or defibrillation. Sufferers in atrial fibrillation much longer than 48 hours may need three weeks of treatment with an anticoagulant medicine, such as warfarin, before cardioversion and generally for at least a month after.Anyone with underlying cardiovascular disease or those that usually do not react to rate-controlling treatment may necessitate hospitalization and a consult a cardiologist.Patients undergoing medical procedures may necessitate rehabilitation.. Atrial Fibrillation Follow-up Other drugs are accustomed to help individuals avoid blood coagulum formation that may result in strokes or extra health issues. The decision to work with other drugs could be augmented by the CHADS2 rating that assigns factors to various circumstances in an AFib patient.Researchers think the amygdala can be linked to the formation of emotional memories, as the hippocampus helps the brain form long-term recollections, Nitschke says. The researchers studied the mind activity of 36 healthy volunteers using a technique known as useful magnetic resonance imaging, which produces high-contrast images of human cells. They began by displaying the volunteers two types of indicators. One was neutral, however the various other indicated that some form of gruesome picture was quickly to follow, such as explicit photos of bloody, mutilated bodies. 30 mins after the experts had shown dozens of violent images, they quizzed study participants on what well the images were remembered by them they had just seen.