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Associated Press examines medicine disposal practices of hospitals.

Controlled Substances Narcotics and other controlled substances will be the forms of medicines probably to contaminate the normal water supply, the AP/Chronicle reports. According to the AP/Chronicle, medical center environmental administrators maintain that federal rules on narcotics, stimulants, depressants and steroids ‘produce these drugs impossible to take care of safely as waste nearly.’ Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson Rogene Waite said, ‘DEA is currently developing regulations to permit for the safe and effective destruction of controlled substances’ .58-62.

Arkansas Senate approves expenses that could require prison inmates to get HIV test before release The Arkansas Senate on Mon voted 35-0 to approve a bill that could require state inmates to get HIV tests before released, the AP/Pine Bluff Business reports . Arkansas Rep. Fred Allen in February introduced a version of the bill that would have required inmates to undergo exams for HIV and additional sexually transmitted attacks before being paroled. THE HOME public health committee previously tabled the expenses but endorsed it after Allen amended the proposed legislation to require only HIV assessments for all inmates being released, not those being paroled just.