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Breast pumps are not.

Yesterday, the New York Instances reported that while items like acne lotions and denture adhesive meet the criteria for tax breaks under the new US health care law, breast pumps are not. Breast-feeding boosters like La Leche Group are, naturally, up in arms, but the US Internal Revenue Service says that the pumps do not fall under the umbrella of preventative medicine, since breasts milk is primarily nutrition . To counter the IRS, breast-feeding advocates indicate study showing that breast-feeding transfers important antibodies from mom to child. There’s also analysis suggesting that bacterias in mother’s milk plays a key role in accumulating a wholesome community of intestinal microflora.


The extensive research was published before print in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. In the scholarly research, the investigators sampled the gut microbiota in the feces of 300 children at 9, 18, and thirty six months of age. The nutritional factor with the greatest effect on the composition of the gut flora was the time of cessation of breasts feeding. Related StoriesExclusive breastfeeding should be supported in ladies with MSBreastfeeding may lead to substantial reduction in common attacks among Indigenous babiesBreastfeeding may not protect against allergies This is to our knowledge the first study to characterize the gut microbiota in such a large cohort of kids for this duration, says corresponding writer Tine Rask Licht, of the Technical University of Denmark.