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California wake-up call: Great drought will result in migration exit and real estate collapse A shocking 58 % of the state of California is now in a state of exceptional drought, according to the U bestil medicin .S. Drought Monitor. The drought’s incredible three-year duration has nearly depleted both the state’s topsoil dampness and subsoil dampness reserves, relating to Brad Rippey of the U.S. Division of Agriculture, who wrote the Drought Monitor report, reports the Washington Post. All the usual steps are being taken to try to soften the influence of the drought: The Governor has declared a state of emergency, strict water conservation efforts are already in force, neighborhood water cops hand out stiff fines for excessive water usage, and people are scrambling to cut water consumption in every way possible.

While chemical manufacturers continue to argue that the levels currently within such products are safe, California is just 1 of 12 states considering taking action to limit the chemical’s use. In this season Canada became the first nation to ban the chemical April. Critics say the Food and Medication Administration in the U.S. Provides further clouded the issue by opting to use scientific studies frequently endorsed by the chemical substance sector on bisphenol A’s basic safety, than peer-reviewed scientific tests rather. As the chemical industry manufactures 7 billion pounds of bisphenol A every year the $2.4 million spent lobbying against restricting the chemical during the first half of 2008, is apparently from their perspective, a justifiable expense.