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Toilet bowl cleaners.

Chemical in household products may cause reductions in lung function New research shows that a chemical compound within many surroundings fresheners, toilet bowl cleaners, mothballs and other deodorizing products, could be harmful to the lungs . Human population research at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences discovered that exposure to a volatile organic compound , called 1,4 dichlorobenzene could cause modest reductions in lung function. A good small reduction in lung function may reveal some harm to the lungs, stated NIEHS researcher Stephanie London, M.D., lead investigator on the scholarly study.

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Porter known as the space station the coolest place to perform experiments. On the space station, once per month they’ll check the drinking water for iodine and silver, Siperko says. That data will end up being downloaded and relayed back to Earth, to Johnson Space Middle in Texas. We have teleconferences with them, and they will transfer the data to us for us to look at electronically, she adds. That method we are able to judge if the experiment is working correctly. If any unforeseen problems arise, then we are able to advise them in regards to what we think may be the problem and how exactly to correct it. Keeping It Clean in Orbit a decade was begun by The project ago, before Porter became a member of the Utah faculty, when NASA sought proposals for disinfectant or biocide monitors to check on the safety of normal water on manned spacecraft.