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About Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb is usually a global pharmaceutical and related healthcare products company whose mission is to increase and enhance human life. For more information, visit.. Bristol-Myers Squibb Finalizes Settlement of Disclosed Federal government Investigation Previously Bristol-Myers Squibb Organization announced that it has finalized a civil settlement contract with the United States Department of Justice and the Office of the United States Lawyer for the District of Massachusetts resolving the previously disclosed investigations that began in the past involving the company’s drug pricing, and sales and advertising activities.Of the 41 research which the authors reviewed, almost all showed increased rates of preterm birth in individuals taking antidepressants. The association was strongest with use in the third trimester. There was no evidence of a beneficial effect or reduction in preterm birth with antidepressant use. ‘Preterm birth may be the leading cause of infant death and it is also a significant contributor to both brief and long-term disease,’ says Urato. ‘While extremely preterm infants possess the highest risk, we now know that even afterwards preterm birth is associated with significant boosts in neonatal morbidity and mortality.’ ‘Women that are pregnant with depression need medicine and our results shouldn’t be seen as a disagreement to ignore depression in these sufferers,’ says Huybrechts.