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Argyll Park, Dixon, California


Evidently whenever the mainstream mass media says it is not.

But what’s the one glaring omission? The word abortion. Now granted, the AP has used the word ‘abortion’ as a tag in the past, but it would seem imminently appropriate to do so for the biggest abortion story of the millennium thus far, wouldn’t it? In each and every whole story approximately Gosnell? ‘The AP does use ‘abortion’ as a tag. But from all appearances, it just hasn’t applied it to any of its tales about Gosnell. Rather, it provides reserved the tag because of its ‘Big Stories’. By using the tag’s URL . – – Many stories related to political campaigns, such as those about the contrasting views of President Obama and Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign.Honeybees, of course, pollinate about a third of all food consumed by first-world countries. Without them, the global food supply food and crashes prices skyrocket. The human population, and in addition, would plummet. Honeybees are absolutely crucial to the chain of life on planet Earth, and they are dying in record amounts. Efforts to understand the reason for the honeybee people collapse possess so far pointed to pesticides, air pollution and GMOs even. All those are without doubt critical indicators, but new research completed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology may possess unveiled the true key: Cell phone indicators.