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Childrens medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum Aluminum Lake food coloring.

The following is taken straight from FDA’s Regulatory Procedure and Historic Perspectives: ‘Color additives are important components of many products, making them attractive, appealing, appetizing, and helpful. Added color acts as some sort of code that allows us to recognize products on sight, like candy medicine and flavors dosages.’ Really?! Decoding medicine dosages on sight? There’s been a 55 percent upsurge in U.S. Toxic food dyes since the year 2000 just. There are over 15 million pounds of dyes put in foods, drinks, candy and medicine every full calendar year, and the FDA will nothing to safeguard consumers from the colourful barrage of poison. for assistance on ingredients in food and medicine.The commercial may be the latest exemplory case of stepped-up opposition by large segments of the business enterprise community as the House and Senate prepare to vote on Democratic bills revamping the nation’s health care system. Calling themselves Employers for a Healthy Overall economy, the coalition of sponsoring groups ranges from the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents small businesses, to institutions representing large corporations just like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’ . The Hill reports: ‘The White colored House has recently launched episodes at Fox News, HMOs and the U.S.