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PRESS RELEASE WOONSOCKET, R.We., – A fresh CVS Wellness Research Institute study published today inJAMA Internal Medicineis the first to evaluate the influence of narrow pharmacy systems on medication adherence. The evaluation showed that this approach, which incentivizes program members to use particular in-network pharmacies, is associated with improved medicine adherence. Furthermore, the researchers observed an even greater effect on adherence when there were 90-day prescription programs also in place. Narrow networks possess previously been criticized for limiting access and adversely impacting medicine adherence. There are few opportunities in health care whenever we can improve both quality of care and health outcomes while assisting to manage health care costs, stated William H.The strong fundamentals of the business alongside the increased visibility that NASDAQ provides should aid us in maximizing shareholder worth over the short and lengthy term. We welcome Aradigm Corporation to the NASDAQ category of listed healthcare companies, commented Robert H. McCooey, Jr., Senior Vice President of New Capital and Listings Markets, NASDAQ OMX. Aradigm embodies the strategic vision and innovative convinced that characterizes our shown companies.