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Coke Fit to be the Face of Heart Health?

Shurin. Diet Coke includes a prominent presence on the NHLBI Internet site, CSPI notes, it’s listed first among many pages of corporate sponsors for The Center Truth campaign. Model and ‘Project Runway’ host Heidi Klum can be dubbed the ‘Diet plan Coke heart wellness ambassador’ on the federal government Web site. ‘Though Diet Coke is the ostensible sponsor, it’s the entire Coca-Cola product line that is basking in the credibility conferred by a government heart-health agency and a slender supermodel, when in fact Coca-Cola promotes cardiovascular disease by marketing beverages that donate to obesity,’ Jacobson said. ‘Coke has very long sought to affiliate marketer with or co-opt wellness groups, and associate its brand with sports athletes and models,’ he added.The scholarly study is in press for publication in the journal Surgical Endoscopy. During its public comment period, which closed on July 26, 2013, CMS received nearly 500 comments, a large proportion opposing CMS' proposed change in plan and supporting facility certification as a condition of coverage. Of September 2013 CMS is likely to make its last ruling by the end.. Antibody for West Nile virus displays promise Researchers have developed an antibody that may get rid of mice of West Nile virus infection, an illness for which no specific treatment exists, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases offers announced. West Nile virus is certainly a disease which has no symptoms or just a mild flu-like illness in most people, but also for some infected, about 1 in 150, the virus invades the central anxious system and may be fatal.