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The findings remain more tantalizing than conclusive.

The majority of the studies show no factor between treatments. There was insufficient evidence to determine if there is harm to patients from using herbs.. Chinese medicines could be helpful in treating side effects of symptoms and chemotherapy of flu New research reviews hint that traditional Chinese medicines may be useful in treating side effects of chemotherapy and symptoms of flu. For now, however, the findings remain more tantalizing than conclusive. In both full cases, the reviewers caution that the eligible research were small in proportions and poor in quality.Protecting the endothelium by activating mTOR might be a promising therapeutic technique to prevent or treat atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular illnesses.We previously synthesized a number of butyrolactone derivatives and found that 3-benzyl-5- methyl)-dihydrofuran-2-one could inhibit human umbilical vein EC apoptosis and senescence induced by deprivation of serum and simple fibroblast growth factor 2. Further study indicated that 3BDO selectively guarded vascular ECs and inhibited vascular easy muscle mass cell proliferation and migration.