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NIVW is scheduled for January 10-16. This year, the CDC specified the next times to emphasize the importance of influenza awareness for high-risk populations most vunerable to complications from the condition: Monday, January 11: Health care Worker Vaccination Day Tuesday, January 12: Chronic HEALTH ISSUES Vaccination DayWednesday, January 13: Children and Family Vaccination DayThursday, January 14: Young Adult Vaccination DayFriday, January 15: Seniors’ Vaccination Day I encourage every American to discover whether they are a ‘face’ of influenza, stated Norman Edelman, M.D. Vaccination is safe and effective, and the best security against this serious illness. SOURCE The American Lung Association..The tools will be accessible early next year.. As Turks struggle with bird flu professionals say it will be controlled As local officials were sealing off elements of the major metropolitan areas of Ankara and Istanbul and a large number of birds were being culled, Guenael Rodier, head of a World Health Organization team delivered to investigate the outbreak said he believes the outbreak can be brought in order relatively easily. Rodier says it really is unclear why so many people have been contaminated in Turkey therefore quickly, but it is possible there is now a far more efficient transmission from animals to human beings.