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Sales of pop have been falling.

And though sales of some soda brands rose, product sales of Dasani – – a water in bottles sold by Coca-Cola – – was the fastest-developing beverage brand, rising 11 %, regarding to Beverage Digest. It was accompanied by Arizona iced tea and Pepsi’s Gatorade . Soda pops, by comparison, grew about 3 % a complete year through the 1990s, but sales have already been declining steadily since 2005, as more health-conscious consumers turn to raised choices of drink increasingly. Sales of Gatorade, meanwhile, are ballooning as well, topping the one billon-gallon mark this past year for the first time.Christiana Care Health Program named 2010 Alliance Creativity Award winner Christiana Care Health Program has been named the 2010 Alliance Technology Award winner from the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers , a national business made up of 69 major academic medical centers and health systems. The award recognizes Christiana Care for innovative approaches to medical education and analysis that bring about better patient outcomes.