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According to a report released in the January 17.

The scans measured the amount of gray and white matter in the brain. Participants’ motor abilities, including arm-hand motions and wrist-finger quickness, were tested also. The study discovered that quantity of gray and white matter in the still left side of the brain decreased up to 10 percent, while the amount of white and gray matter in the right side of the mind increased in size. We also noticed improved motor abilities in the still left, non-injured hand, which straight related to an increase in thickness in the right side of the brain, stated Langer. These structural changes in the mind are associated with skill transfer from the right hand left hand.‘This promising method of managing the sale of limited goods online provides implications for regulating additional products such as for example alcohol, firearms, quack treatments and medicines sold with out a prescription,’ he said.

Big Pharma blackmails Greece; halts medicine source over cash demands Amid runaway financial problem in Greece, the pharmaceutical industry has made a decision to blackmail the country and halt shipments of medicines to Greece until it agrees to pay a high price for the medicines.