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Budget comes in the nick of period for wellness centers.

The Seattle Times: A computer interface mistake will delay Medicaid payments to Washington health-care companies for several days next week, officials said. The delay is the first since the Department of Public and Health Services installed ProviderOne, a $166 million claim-processing program, on, may 9. Friday’s error was not related to ProviderOne’s capability to process Medicaid promises, said Jim Stevenson, a DSHS spokesman. Rather, it was a break down of communications between ProviderOne and a computer system that cuts the checks for health-care suppliers . The Associated Press/ Statesman-Journal: The Oregon Educators Advantage Board was created 3 years ago so college districts could pool resources and rein in health-insurance costs.The Illinois team, along with co-workers in China, discovered that these so-known as tumor-repopulating cells may lurk quietly in stiffer cellular environments, but thrive in a softer space. The results appear in the journal Character Communications. ‘What can cause relapse isn’t clear,’ said study innovator Ning Wang. Wang may be the Leonard C. And Mary Lou Hoeft Professor in Engineering and professor of mechanical technology and engineering of the U.