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Breakthrough in understanding the phenomenon of nucleolar dominance A group led by Craig Pikaard.

Although nucleolar dominance is certainly on a sub-chromosomal level, it really is, at least to day, ‘the largest level gene silencing phenomenon that obviously appears to involve siRNAs,’ says Pikaard. Pikaard explains, ‘siRNAs aren’t simply regulating the selfish DNA or the junk DNA, but they’re regulating the truly essential genes as well.’ He believes that siRNAs may be the main element to understanding the decision system underlying which parental genes obtain powered down and which get remaining on, and he and his collaborators intend to investigate this probability in future research.American Physical Therapy Association to host series about concussion in sports As football season gets under way, the American Physical Therapy Association will sponsor a string on concussion in sports activities called Mind in the Game. The series will atmosphere on Move Forward Radio, a program offering interviews with physical therapists and other health care experts, made by, the official consumer information website of APTA. The series begins at 10 am ET on August 27 and ends with a live broadcast on August 29 at 3 pm ET. In recent years, concussion provides permeated sports activities headlines and captured the attention of concerned parents, sportsmen and their loved ones, and the medical community.