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Childhood Cancer Every cell in the physical body has a system that controls its growth.

Once cancer has been diagnosed, it’s important for parents to seek help from a medical center that specializes in pediatric oncology .ContinueCancer Treatment The treatment of cancer in children can include surgery , chemotherapy , radiation , and bone marrow transplant. Doctors may use one or more of the treatments for a kid who has cancer. The kind of treatment needed depends upon the child’s age, the kind of cancer, and how serious the cancer is.Arnold Palmer Medical center for Children receives Luminos Agile x-ray imaging technology Arnold Palmer Medical center for Children is the first medical center in the usa to receive latest x-ray imaging technology that reduces radiation contact with young patients and makes high-quality images. The system, manufactured by Siemens, in June 2011 is named Luminos Agile and received approval from the meals and Drug Administration.