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Can a Girl Get Pregnant if She Has Sex During Her Period?

But it is possible for a girl to have a baby while she actually is bleeding. This may happen for a couple of reasons: Not absolutely all vaginal bleeding is a menstrual period. Sometimes a girl will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding at the time of ovulation — the right time when she is most fertile. Ladies who are ovulating occasionally have some vaginal bleeding that can be mistaken for a period. Sometimes ovulation can happen prior to the bleeding from a girl’s period has stopped or in a few days after her period has ended. All women can ovulate at different factors from cycle to routine, making it impossible for a girl to know exactly when she actually is many fertile. Because sperm can fertilize an egg for 72 hours after ejaculation, having sex throughout a girl’s period is risky.Clinton, Shah discuss QDDR Within a week-long ending up in U.S. Diplomats from around the global globe occurring in Washington, D.C., this full week, Secretary of Condition Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday gathered with 300 U.S. Diplomats from all over the world to discuss ‘ways of energize diplomacy and streamline advancement,’ the brand new York Times reviews. The Global Chiefs of Objective Meeting – or what Clinton offers known as the ‘first-ever in American background all-hands-on-deck ambassadorial meeting’ – was ‘nominally convened to greatly help diplomats better understand, and prepare to implement, the full total effects of a signature project of Mrs.