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A 29-year-old farmer.

British farmer dies from rabbit flu An healthy young farmer in Britain provides died from rabbit flu evidently. John Freeman, a 29-year-old farmer, died previously this month from blood poisoning which he contracted from a rabbit he picked up on his farm after shooting it. Mr caused by stress . Freeman of Aspall near Stowmarket in Suffolk, is believed to be Britain’s first rabbit flu victim. A post-mortem has revealed the disease had developed into septicaemia following blood poisoning which created when he captured Pasteuralla multocida, rabbit flu, from the rabbit.

Currently, 81 per cent of children have the mixed vaccine before they are two; many Europe achieve the 95 percent coverage recommended by the global world Health Organisation to prevent outbreaks. The 13 year-old who died was susceptible as he was being treated for a lung condition particularly. The boy died of contamination of the central anxious system caused by a reaction to the measles virus. The Health Protection Agency has described his loss of life as shocking and urges parents to have got their kids vaccinated with MMR. Travellers groupings have reportedly said they feel excluded from the health care system as the lack of a permanent address means vaccination reminder notices don’t arrive and it is difficult to make GP appointments.