Is now at
Argyll Park, Dixon, California


Itll be handed out free of charge to all California households.

The cereal consists primarily of sugar-coated mercury flakes that are stabilized with aluminum and preserved with formaldehyde – – all the same ingredients still used in vaccines. It’ll be handed out free of charge to all California households. Households surviving in poverty or occupied by minorities will be given two boxes of the cereal. ‘People who say Frosted Mercury Flakes is usually bad for human wellness are anti-science,’ said Gov. Brown in a televised declaration. ‘The science is obvious: if mercury and light weight aluminum are secure enough to inject into kids, they’re also safe enough to consume for breakfast.’ What Governor Dark brown won’t say publicly, nevertheless, is that California’s political leadership is intentionally trying to recreate Idiocracy while producing a new generation of autistic workers who can operate the state’s ever-growing bureaucracy which consists mainly of mindless, repetitive duties.It can gain entry into homes by the gaps within its base, its drains and its own pipes. Almost one in 15 homes is found with dangerous degree of radon gas based on the USA Environmental Protection Company. Can a person tell if their home has high levels of radon gas? Only by a kit. The gas can’t be smelled, nor could be it seen. Genetics – It’s true that a lot of cases of lung cancer can be linked back again to smoking. However, don’t assume all smoker shall get the condition. That means other elements like genetics could play a part behind the causes of lung cancer.