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Cancer cells maintain fast proliferation because of PK-M2 enzyme Cancer cells maintain their life-style of extremely rapid growth and proliferation thanks to an enzyme called PK-M2 that alters the cells’ ability to metabolize glucose – a phenomenon referred to as the Warburg effect. Professor Adrian Krainer, Ph no more than 20 mg .D., and his group at Cold Springtime Harbor Laboratory , who seek to reverse this impact and force cancers cells to regain the fat burning capacity of normal cells, have discovered information on molecular events that trigger cancer cells to produce PK-M2 instead of its harmless counterpart, an isoform called PK-M1.

Cancer drug shortage pertains to economics A perspective in this week’s New England Journal of Medication outlines this connection. In the meantime, a House Democrat ramps up his investigation into the ‘gray market’ and how it is adding to the shortage. Los Angeles Times: Shortage Of Tumor Drugs Tied To Simple Economics Economics are no small part of the problem, relating to a perspective published online this total week in the New England Journal of Medication. In this eye-opening statement, a pharmacist and a physician explain why therefore many cancer medicines are an issue and provide some prescriptions for how to fix things .