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Collective religious rituals.

Collective religious rituals, not religious devotion, spur support for suicide attacks In a new study in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychologists Jeremy Ginges and Ian Hansen from the brand new School for Social Research along with psychologist Ara Norenzayan from the University of British Columbia conducted a series of experiments investigating the partnership between religious beliefs and support for acts of parochial altruism, including suicide attacks . Suicide episodes are an extreme type of parochial altruism – they combine a parochial act with altruism . While the relationship between religion and well-known support for suicide attacks is a topic of frequent conjecture, study of the relationship is rare.

There remains a pressing need for safe new treatments because of this devastating disease and these advancements possess allowed us to make further improvement towards this goal. .. Following review of the safety data from the first three patients after three treatments, the Cohort Review Committee has approved escalation of the dosage and recruitment of another group of sufferers as prepared. Professor Lindy Durrant, CEO of Scancell Holdings and Professor of Cancer Immunotherapy at Nottingham University, commented: We are pleased that the Cohort Review Committee offers given us the proceed-ahead to escalate the dosage of SCIB1. This initial data, combined with the latest recruitment of a fourth trial centre at Leeds and the acceptance by GTAC and MHRA for recruitment of previously stage patients is an extremely encouraging development.