Is now at
Argyll Park, Dixon, California


Notice: Marysvillemx is no longer at Riverfront Park

We would like to thank all our loyal supporters over the past 30 years of operation.
We will really miss all of you.
We are now running  the CMC races, at Argyll park in Dixon Ca.

(It is 11 miles South of Dixon on Hwy. 113.)
Arygll Park  will be operated by Mike Sexton

  • Argyll Park
    11 miles south of Dixon, off Hwy. 113
    (It’s at the bend in the road)
    4975 Rio Dixon Road 

    Dixon, CA 95620
    Directions to track click here

 Minor Release Form (Front & Back)

CMC Rulebook (Its an acrobat file)

2006 Factory Contingency Program.
Beginners,—Want payback?—-upgrade to Jr.
None of the big four are paying to beginners at most of the events at any tracks.

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2006 CMC Up-Graded Riders
2005 CMC Up-Graded Riders
2004 CMC Up-Graded Riders
1999 CMC Up Graded Riders

It offers gained its credentials in lots of cuisines from the standard use of pesto.

Basil can be an anti-aging superfood Basil can be an aromatic plant that is utilized for a long time as a culinary herb to be able to add a much valued fragrance to a multitude of dishes . It offers gained its credentials in lots of cuisines from the standard use of pesto, an assortment of basil, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. Basil, called ocimum basilicim scientifically, hails from the warmer climates of Asia’s tropical areas. It’s an unbelievable way to obtain antioxidants and filled up with nutrition. Basil presents several health benefits. Continue reading

Released in Molecular Psychiatry.

With ONS, a little programmable implanted gadget sends electric impulses to the higher occipital nerve, which works from the very best of the spinal-cord to the bottom of the scalp.S. Start of generic AXERT tabletsResearchers make use of high-precision device to inject poisons that decrease migraine attacksCalcitonin-gene related peptide antibody inhibition displays migraine prevention promise ‘By straight targeting the occipital nerve with neurostimulation, we are potentially in a position to offer patients a highly effective and fairly low-risk therapy,’ stated Richard Lipton, M.D., professor of neurology and director of the Montefiore Headaches Middle at Albert Einstein University of Medicine in NY and principal investigator for the analysis.’ Migraine is normally a neurological disorder impacting one in 10 adults worldwide.S., Canada, European countries and Australia simply because an assist in the administration of chronic intractable discomfort of the trunk and/or limbs, including unilateral or bilateral pain connected with failed back surgical treatment syndrome and intractable low back again leg and pain discomfort. Continue reading

Deposited in human beings by the mosquito.

Their discovery, referred to as ‘a big piece in the jigsaw puzzle’ paves just how for the creation of brand-new drugs to save lots of the lives of thousands of people still contaminated with malaria each year, many of them kids under five in sub-Saharan Africa. Once in the physical body, the malaria parasite multiplies and invades the crimson blood cells. A focus of high degrees of chloroquine can eliminate the parasites surviving in the cells. Related StoriesMedical experts release crowd funding task to research effect of malaria medication on colorectal cancerTGen experts join international researchers in finding how malaria proteins could some day avoid cancerSAGE recommends pilot execution of malaria vaccine to safeguard young childrenMalaria death prices have been rising recently, partly because of the parasite’s level of resistance to trusted drugs like chloroquine therefore insights in to the resistance system are urgently needed. Continue reading

Says the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.

The long connection with healthcare experts indicates that regular emollients applied right to the skin work, says DTB. There is certainly some published analysis to back again this up. And nationwide treatment guidelines broadly recommend the liberal usage of emollients 2-3 times a day, including after bathing. But there is absolutely no such consensus for bath emollients, says DTB. And important queries, such as for example how these products equate to other bathing items and the usage of skin lotions after washing, possess not been answered. Yet health care professionals frequently tell individuals to use them, and the Uk Association of Dermatologists recommends their make use of in its guidance to patients also. The trial style is made on data attained in the business’s previous clinical research in colorectal cancer. Continue reading

A Ministry of Wellness spokesperson.

That’s what happened in britain where a private hospital program is flourishing. In British Columbia the Ministry of Wellness has announced that personal providers shall compete to deliver hospital clinical services. Because personal delivery of healthcare is more costly, there was a massive increase in spending on the British Healthcare system to finance the move to patient-based funding. Furthermore, there have been widespread closures of smaller community hospitals. These outcomes are unaffordable and unacceptable Hurley informed delegates. Delegates to the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions unanimously used a fight plan Monday to fight the Liberals’ patient-based funding model with an escalating marketing campaign in the lead-up to the provincial election.. Continue reading

Increasing evidence the chemical should be banned from beverage and meals containers.

California lawmakers are thinking about legislation to ban BPA from refreshments containers for children age 3 and younger. Connecticut, Minnesota and four localities possess banned BPA-comprising baby bottles, and most major drinking water and baby bottle producers and retailers have got moved toward BPA-free products.. Cal-EPA intents to include BPA to state’s list of chemicals known to cause cancer Cal-EPA signals ‘intent to list’ plastics chemical in Prop. 65 The California Environmental Protection Company signaled intent to include bisphenol A to the state’s list of chemicals recognized to cause tumor or birth defects, increasing evidence the chemical should be banned from beverage and meals containers. Continue reading

Called biofilms.

Bacterial biofilms might increase cancer of the colon risk Experts from Johns Hopkins have got discovered that dense mats of interacting bacterias, called biofilms, were within nearly all cancers and polyps, those on the proper part of the colon especially . The current presence of these bacterial bunches, they state, may represent an elevated risk for cancer of the colon and could type the foundation of new diagnostic testing. Like tooth slime and plaque on pond stones, bacterial biofilms might layer the mucus level of cells lining the colon, causing inflammation plus some non-cancerous bowel diseases. Continue reading

Too Many Cases.

Imprime PGG activates the biggest population of your body’s immune cells , allowing them to identify and kill antibody-targeted tumor cells. Biothera plans to review the mixture therapy of Imprime PGG and AS1402 in future cancer trials. The indication offers however to be established. ‘We believe the mix of Imprime PGG and AS1402 could make a potent therapy to take care of an array of cancers,’ stated Dan Conners, President, Biothera Pharmaceutical Group. ‘This offer gives Biothera the chance to pursue a fascinating new strategy with AS1402 while at exactly the same time realising worth for Antisoma,’ stated Nicholas Adams, Vice President of Business Advancement at Antisoma.. Continue reading

Stability your gut flora quickly.

Homemade sauerkraut and additional fermented foods have plenty of great wellness benefits, but they will not take the accepted host to a top quality probiotic. The gastric acid usually kills the majority of the beneficial bacterias they contain, so these food types don’t go as much to stability the gut because so many people think. It isn’t just white sugars and high fructose corn syrup that feed Candida. Agave nectar, coconut sugars, dates, refreshing pressed fruit, beet or carrot juices, natural honey, and brownish rice syrup all feed Candida aswell. Continue reading

S ft and frown lines.

Professor Chapple, who’s undertaking new research in to the treatment at the University's Biomedical Study Centre, said it had successfully helped eighty percent of cases during latest trials. He described in a lecture at Sheffield Hallam a basic injection of the material in to the bladder lining could provide relief for some of the ten percent of people in the united kingdom who currently have problems with an overactive bladder, which is certainly resistant to other medication therapy. He stated: Doctors are actually realising the function of the bladder lining as the reason for problems related to frequent or painful passage of urine. Continue reading

Emotion regulation can be an essential element of mental wellness.

Brain imaging displays how neural responses to various kinds of music have an effect on emotion regulation processes Aggressive music linked to anxiety in men Brain imaging reveals how neural responses to various kinds of music really affect the emotion regulation of persons. The analysis proves that especially guys who process negative emotions with music react negatively to aggressive and unfortunate music. Emotion regulation can be an essential element of mental wellness pde-5 . Poor emotion regulation can be associated with psychiatric disposition disorders such as for example depression. Continue reading

It can affect any joint in the body particularly after years of use.

Richmond. ‘So far as losing fat, it has the highest potential to really slow the progression of the disease.’ Related StoriesLower socioeconomic position significantly increases risk of discomfort following knee replacementNew evaluate finds scant scientific proof supporting use of cannabinoids in rheumatic diseasesSamumed to present preclinical and clinical data on Wnt pathway for OA treatment at ACR 2015After an intensive analysis of the current scientific literature, the task group recommends against using the next remedies: Glucosamine and/or chondroitin sulfate or hydrochloride Needle lavage Custom made foot orthotics The work group does claim that individuals with symptomatic OA of the knee receive among the following analgesics for pain unless there are contraindications to this treatment: Acetaminophen nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs Intra-articular corticosteroids Furthermore, the medical practice guideline will not suggest for or against the use of: Bracing Acupuncture Intra-articular hyaluronic acid Osteoarthritis of the knee is usually a leading cause of physical disability. Continue reading

Cornea trauma and congestive conjunctiva.

‘We are excited to have produced such great progress inside our research and look forward to receiving SFDA acceptance for the creation of both of our eyes products within 2 yrs,’ commented Mr. Yan-qing Liu, CEO and Chairman of China Sky 1 Medical. ‘We are fully committed to increasing our medication portfolio by getting quality new products into the Chinese market.’.. China Sky One Medical submits software to execute clinical trials for two new generic drugs China Sky A single Medical, Inc. , a respected fully integrated pharmaceutical business producing over-the-counter medications in the People’s Republic of China , today announced that the Company has finished the mandatory research for just two new generic medications for eyes treatment and submitted software to the State Meals and Drug Administration in China to perform scientific trials. Continue reading

Including produce separation.

Burning Pain and Their Best Treatment Options Make surgery is probably the marvels associated with modern medication, correcting severe injuries along with diseases that have plagued mankind since pre-historic occasions, including produce separation, dislocation, break, arthritis, in addition to tendonitis. The introduction through the medical neighborhood of arthroscopic medical procedures presented yet another huge Organic Shingles Alleviation step forward, allowing the actual surgeon to avoid making the actual large incisions needed by outdated, open surgical treatment methods. Continue reading

City lampposts to collect data from citizens because they pass by At the same time when the U.

YOUR GOVERNMENT in a big way Researchers starving for such demographic and environmental data are very excited about the project, but some experts have stated that they think the system’s flexibility and anticipated sector partnerships are going to need cautious, close monitoring: Questions include whether the sensors are gathering too much personal information about individuals who may be passing by without giving another thought to the quantity of data that their motions – – and the indicators from their smartphones – – may be giving off. Researchers hope to place the 1st sensor by mid-July. They further hope to begin with sensors that are located at eight Michigan Avenue intersections, with plans to check out up with dozens more around the Loop by the end of the entire year and hundreds even more across the city at many places in the arriving years. Continue reading

Living Essentials.

Avon and 5 Hour Energy synergy for breast cancers pink washing In the spirit of breasts cancer awareness month, 5 Hour Energy and The Avon Foundation for Women Breasts Cancer Crusade has teamed up to greatly help stamp out breasts cancers meldonium generic name . Living Essentials, LLC., owner of 5 Hour energy, will be providing the very least $75,000 donation to the Avon Basis but that quantity can increase based on sales from the brand new 5 Hour Energy drink taste, pink lemonade. An admirable gesture taking into consideration how breasts cancer has become one of the primary scourges in modern health background but something is not quite right in this apparently idyllic gesture. Continue reading